Cleanroom & Containment Lighting for Clean Manufacturing and Laboratory Facilities

Lighting for cleanroom and containment spaces must meet stringent standards to prevent contamination of the facility’s sealed airflow.

KURTZON™ cleanroom and containment lighting fixtures are designed to prevent airborne particles, bacteria, and moisture from accumulating inside the light housing. Our luminaires meet or exceed industry standards with IP55, IP65, and IP66 ratings to protect from dust ingress and water, NSF listed for corrosion resistance and cleanability, ETL listed for wet locations, and ISO certified for clean spaces.

KURTZON™ offers both LED and Fluorescent cleanroom and containment lighting in various styles and sizes, from downlights and basket troffers to linear teardrops and corner mounts. With sealed construction, superior spectral control, and certified performance criteria, KURTZON™ lighting is ready to meet the most environmentally challenging applications while protecting your employees, products, and systems.



5/10 Year Warranty: Our driver(s), ballast(s), and LEDs are covered by a five (5) year warranty.
The remaining fixture is covered by a ten (10) year warranty. See warranty statement for complete details.