Food Processing Facility Lighting

Food prep and processing facilities are subjected to stringent cleanliness requirements designed to prevent contamination of the products we consume. Lighting fixtures and systems installed in these areas are included in these standards. Food-grade light fixtures that meet NSF standards must be corrosion resistant, free from toxic materials, resistant to hose downs, and tightly sealed to avoid the accumulation of contaminants that could put food products at risk.

KURTZON™’s diverse family of high-bay, troffer, linear, and wraps for food processing facilities are designed according to the exacting specifications required by NSF and the FDA. The fixtures meet NSF2, ETL, Chicago Plenum, ISO, and Federal Standards for clean spaces. The fixture offering includes both recessed, surface, suspended, and corner mounted options with LED and fluorescent light sources.



5/10 Year Warranty: Our driver(s), ballast(s), and LEDs are covered by a five (5) year warranty.
The remaining fixture is covered by a ten (10) year warranty. See warranty statement for complete details.