Recessed Architectural Sealed Round Domes

The KURTZON™ RD-FG-LED is a Recessed Architectural Sealed Round Dome with LED Sources. Available in 2’, 3’ and 4’ diameters, this highly efficient LED Round Dome extends below the ceiling to provide superior lighting performance and is designed to be either flange or grid installed prior to ceiling closure. The KURTZON™ RD-FG-LED comes in your choice of Convex Lens (CV), Flat Lens (FL), Concave Lens (CC), Frosted (Flat Lens Only) Polycarbonate (LEX), or Custom Lens (CL) (consult factory). This luminaire is IP65 rated for dust and water ingress and is suitable for wet locations.


5/10 Year Warranty: Our driver(s), ballast(s), and LEDs are covered by a five (5) year warranty.
The remaining fixture is covered by a ten (10) year warranty. See warranty statement for complete details.