Darkroom Lighting

A Darkroom LED Safelight is a light source that offers low level illumination with narrow spectrum. Only parts of the visible spectrum are used in the photographic process and choosing the correct size and color will ensure success.

LED Safelights are used in photographic applications as well as forensic and scientific processes that require darkrooms. Due to the narrow spectral output, these LED Safelights provide the advantage of making your darkroom as bright as you want without jeopardizing the photographic process.

KURTZON™ offers the single-compartment DS-FGS-LED 1×1 recessed fixture and the DS-FGS-LED-1X2 recessed fixture with two compartments for different colors. KURTZON™ Safelights are designed for low level illumination and provide narrow spectrum non-filtered dimmable LED light sources. They are available in Red, Red/White, Amber, Amber/White, Green, or Green/White.


5/10 Year Warranty: Our driver(s), ballast(s), and LEDs are covered by a five (5) year warranty.
The remaining fixture is covered by a ten (10) year warranty. See warranty statement for complete details.