Lighting for the natural sleep/wake cycles of the human body.

KURTZON™ and BIOS® partner for a brighter future.


What is the BIOS Difference?

  • Research has shown that our circadian system has its peak sensitivity in the ‘sky blue’ region near 490nm.
  • BIOS spectrum includes a distinct peak in the ‘sky blue’ region at 490nm where traditional LEDs (used for color tuning) have a significant drop in their sky blue content, regardless of color temperature.
  • BIOS surpasses traditional white LEDs in melanopic content regardless of CCT.

Originally developed to establish a functional circadian rhythm for astronauts on the International Space Station, BIOS® lighting technology is now available as an option in some of our most popular luminaires.

BIOS® SKYBLUE® lighting solutions provide the natural sky-blue light wavelength – through LED sources at 490nm – necessary to regulate circadian rhythm. This lighting technology activates your body clock, so you can maximize your day, improve your sleep, and enjoy a healthier and better overall you.





5/10 Year Warranty: Our driver(s), ballast(s), and LEDs are covered by a five (5) year warranty.
The remaining fixture is covered by a ten (10) year warranty. See warranty statement for complete details.