Circadian KL LED Screwless Troffers

1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 BIOS® LED Luminaires With Screwless Door Frame
  • Rated IP66
  • Suitable for ISO 3-9 Cleanspaces
  • Suitable for 209E class 1-100,000 Cleanspaces
  • ETL listed for Wet Locations
  • One piece overlapping Screwless door frame for smooth
    cleanable surface
  • Robotically seam welded housing
  • Recessed Housing suitable for Tbar Grid AND Hardlid
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
  • This KURTZON™ product is illuminated by BIOS® to provide healthy, low
    energy lighting that promotes improved sleep, better health and well-being
The KURTZON™ KL-FGS-EZ-LED-BIOS is a 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 BIOS® LED Recessed Fixture With Screwless Door Frame suitable for Cleanspaces and Wet Locations.

Product Details

The KURTZON™ Circadian KL LED Screwless Troffer incorporates BIOS® lighting technology designed to regulate circadian rhythm for better sleep, boost productivity and improve physical, emotional and mental health. The recessed light fixtures are ideal for healthcare, workplace, school and senior living applications.

The industry-leading BIOS® technology provides light at a wavelength that interacts with the human eye’s non-visual photoreceptors, assisting with our natural biologic reactions to light.

Designed for cleanroom and containment applications, the KL-FGS-EZ-LED-BIOS model is made from aluminum or stainless-steel one-piece systems with seem welded housings and flattened knockouts for a superior seal. The one-piece door utilizes hinged aircraft cables and includes an NSF approved microcellular gasket for optimal sanitation protection against oils and solvents. The troffer is also IP66 rated for dust and water ingress and is suitable for 1700 PSI high pressure hose downs. It is also ETL listed per UL_1598 for wet locations and Chicago plenum rated.

Dimming features are provided by Dual Channel Programmable Drivers that make color tuning simple, and are available in 0-10v Analog Dimming or DALI digital dimming.