Circadian KL LED Screwless Troffers

1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 BIOS® LED Luminaires With Screwless Door Frame
  • Rated IP66
  • Suitable for ISO 3-9 Cleanspaces
  • Suitable for 209E class 1-100,000 Cleanspaces
  • ETL listed for Wet Locations
  • One piece overlapping Screwless door frame for smooth
    cleanable surface
  • Robotically seam welded housing
  • Recessed Housing suitable for Tbar Grid AND Hardlid
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
  • This Kurtzon product is illuminated by BIOS® to provide healthy, low
    energy lighting that promotes improved sleep, better health and well-being