ML LED Green & White Surgical Downlight

6” sealed Operating Room 2 Circuit green/white LED downlight with RF filtering
  • For Medical Patient, Exam, & Operating Rooms
  • IP65 Rating
  • Provided With Line Voltage Filter for Conducted Emissions
  • White & Green Separately controlled circuits
  • 0-10V 1% Dimming Standard For Each Color
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
The KURTZON™ ML-SBD-LED-GREEN is a Sealed Recessed Green/White LED Downlight with 6” Aperture and RF Filtering suitable for conducted and radiated emissions areas and Wet Locations.

Product Details

Illumination in medical facilities is an essential component of creating a safe environment that meets the rigorous needs of healthcare applications. Emergency rooms, examine rooms, surgery rooms are among the multiple areas that rely on the correct levels of brightness, distribution, and color for physicians and medical personnel to do their jobs.

Healthcare lighting not only needs to provide the proper lighting environment the fixtures also must adhere to cleanroom standards that protect against contamination and particulate accumulation.

The KURTZON™ ML-SBD-LED is a Sealed Recessed Filtered LED Downlight with 6” Aperture. The unit is a stainless-steel body and spun aluminum housing, with an aluminum or stainless-steel door formed with a continuous lens hold-down system and screwless entry. The fixture also has a cleanroom style construction with a smooth cleanable surface with no crevices.

The LED’s are available in several lumen configurations as well as 80 & 90 CRI. They also deliver up to 3400 lumens delivered with an integrated heatsink to maintain thermal efficiency and prolong the life of the light engine. The fixture is IP65 rated for dust and water ingress, ETL listed per UL_1598 for wet locations, and Chicago Plenum Rated. It is also compliant with MIL-461F for conducted and radiated emissions.