Tunable White ML LED Patient Room Troffers

Tunable White 6”x46” Recessed LED Luminaire
  • For Patient Rooms
  • 2-Way Switching for Exam/Ambient Modes
  • Available with Low Voltage Controller Setup
  • Frosted Acrylic Lens for glare reduction
  • Tunable White 2700k – 6500k CCT
  • Available With DALI Or 0-10V Controls
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
The KURTZON™ ML-GPR-LED-TW is a Tunable White 6”x46” Recessed LED Luminaire designed for Patient Rooms and Damp Locations Available with Low Voltage Controller Setup.

Product Details

The correlated color temperature (CCT) of white light determines how the light is perceived by the human eye. The terms warm and cool are frequently used when discussing the CCT of a light source. Warm lights, typically on the lower end of the Kelvin degree scale (K), are similar to candle light or the incandescent lights that were prominent for decades. These lights, which range from 1,800K to 3,000K have a yellow to orange glow that creates a warm impression.  On the other end of the spectrum are the cool lights colors, which can reach 7,000K and sometimes deliver a blueish color. These colors at the higher end are often referred to as daylight. Tunable luminaires provide the ability to adjust the CCT in real time to meet the needs of any applications. In the healthcare field, specifically in patient rooms where preventing blue light at night in preference of warm color temps that improves the quality of sleep. During the day or in exam rooms, the daylight level CCT may provide a more suitable environment. This Tunable White Patient Room Troffer comes with a white polyester powder coat finish that included a multi-stage pretreatment, as well as adjustable Zee-brackets to provide even support. Wireway access on the fixture is through a removable plate containing two silicone sealed knockouts. The KURTZON™ ML-GPFR-LED-TW comes with Dual Channel Programmable Drivers to make color tuning simple. The fixture is ETL listed per UL_1598 for damp locations.