HL Fluorescent Corner Mount

Linear Corner Mount Fluorescent Luminaires
  • Suitable For Use In Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous Locations
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • Surface Mounting to T-Bar Grid
  • Row Mounting Available
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
The KURTZON™ HL-COR-FLUOR is a Linear Corner Mount Fluorescent Fixture suitable for Wet and Hazardous Locations. T-Bar Grid or Row Mounting available.

Product Details

Hazardous location lighting must comply with rigorous OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NEC (National Electric Code) standards.  Light fixtures located in a hazardous location are exposed flammable vapors and liquids where the potential for combustion is possible. Electrical devices in these environments, including luminaires, must be designed for resistance to corrosive elements, flammable vapors and other combustible materials.

The HL-COR-FLUOR is a fluorescent channel door corner mount surface fixture designed for hazardous locations. The fixture housing is a one piece, hole free unit with robotically seam welds and flattened knockouts for a superior seal. The door frame regresses into the housing to allow the neoprene gasket to seal to the housing, and is hinged by aircraft cables. The housing gaskets are closed cell 100% pure neoprene with vulcanized corners to make a one-piece oil and solvent resistant gasket system. The light fixture is IP55 rated for dust and water ingress, as well as ETL listed per UL_1598 for wet locations. It is also listed for Class I Division II Groups A, B, C & D hazardous locations.