Tamper-Proof Lighting Protects Prison Population

KURTZON™ provides tamper proof and damage resistant light fixtures designed to withstand the abuse often found in prison cells, and other high traffic public areas. Learn more about these industry leading products.

There are almost 2.3 million people within the American criminal justice system according to PrisonPolicy.com and maintaining safety in those correctional institutions is a difficult task when weapons can be made using almost any item that can be obtained by an inmate. In just one security sweep in a south Alabama prison in 2019, more than 350 weapons were seized and in 2015, in what would be called one of the deadliest prison fights in Oklahoma history, 24 inmates used homemade weapons to maim and/or kill one another. It was determined the inmates were tampering with and using parts from light fixtures to make the weapons.

Light fixtures in holding cells are exposed to demanding conditions where prisoners are left unmonitored for long periods of time and can devise violent or creative methods in attempt to damage the fixture. In the correctional system, safety is a priority and the lighting industry has stepped forward to provide one less opportunity for inmates to pry, break, and remove pieces of luminaires for use in the making of homemade weapons. Vandal-resistant lighting is imperative to providing for the health, safety, and well-being of prison guards as well as inmates.

Vandal resistant or high abuse LED lighting is designed to withstand impact, prying, tampering, and vandalism without compromising performance. Water-tight seals, tamper-proof screws, and aluminum or steel housings help to ensure the safety of all those who benefit from the use of the luminaire.
Although prisons and correctional institutions are the most common places where vandal resistant lighting is deployed, high abuse lighting is also often used in high-traffic public areas such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and behavioral and mental health institutions. Lighting in these high-occupancy spaces need to be able to withstand both purposeful physical and accidental environmental punishment.

KURTZON™ Vandal Resistant Lighting provides tamper-proof, weather-resistant fixtures that are constructed to deter vandalism and prying without losing functionality. Polycarbonate lenses make KURTZON™ vandal resistant fixtures stronger than their acrylic counterparts therefore promoting safety and long-lasting durability. With a variety of mounting options, available in high efficiency LED fixtures as well as some fluorescent luminaires, KURTZON™ Vandal Resistant Lighting is the perfect choice for all your confinement, high-traffic, high abuse lighting needs.

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