WL Fluorescent A-Profile Wrap

Sealed Surface Fluorescent Wrap Luminaire
  • IP65 Rated
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • Several mounting options
  • Row mounting optional
  • Made in the USA by a Family Owned US Corporation
The KURTZON™ WL-VEGA-A-FLUOR is a Sealed Surface Fluorescent Wrap fixture Suitable for Wet Locations and has several mounting options.

Product Details

Wet location light fixtures are required in any location where water or another liquid can drip, splash or flow onto the fixture. Wet location luminaires are designed and constructed to protect electrical components or conductive material from exposure to water or fluids. Locations that may require water resistant light fixtures could include car washes, selected food prep areas, various laboratory settings, shower rooms, garages and various types of manufacturing or industrial areas where fluids may be sprayed or splashed.

Suitable for wet locations under a covered ceiling, the WL-VEGA-A-FLUOR is a surface mounted linear fixture with stainless-steel end caps and captive stainless-steel flush head screws. The luminaire includes a closed cell 100% pure neoprene gasketing that resists aging, grease and solvents and choice of a thick frosted acrylic or a linear prismatic polycarbonate lens. The light fixture is IP65 rated for dust and water ingress and ETL listed per UL_1598 for wet locations.