The Klean-Lock Series, designed in compliance with ISO standard 14644-1, is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation and has been installed in numerous USDA and FDA approved installations. The NSF listing assures that a highly acclaimed independent testing laboratory has listed the Klean-Lock Series as a suitable product for areas that value sanitation (i.e. bio-hazardous locations, medical research, hospitals, food processing facilities, cleanrooms, etc.). The National Sanitation Foundation provides laboratory, factory and field inspection of listed fixtures. Our unsurpassed design and fabrication standards result in a hermetically sealed product with minimal dependence upon gasketing material. Certified* for up to Class 1 Cleanspaces. (ISO-3) Rated IP-65 for resistance to dust entrance and jets of water from all directions. (* Independent test lab certified for cleanroom compatibility.)

KL Clean Room Class 3 to 9

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